Increased Mobility Through Laser Therapy


You, like many other pet owners, may notice your senior pet starting to slow down in regards to their willingness to play, go for long walks or jump on and off the couch. This “slow down” was noticed by Diesel’s owner who was concerned with his overall mobility and quality of life. Diesel was still wanting to go for walks but was reported to not go very far anymore and being more painful in his hind limbs. His owner started looking into potential options for his care. I had the pleasure of meeting Diesel for an overall assessment and to discuss if he was a candidate for Laser therapy.

Laser therapy is a relatively new technique used in combination with anti-inflammatories and other pain medication to increase mobility and ultimately increase the quality of life for pets suffering from arthritis. Diesel’s owner sought out laser therapy options for Diesel as she, herself had received therapy for a painful condition potentially needing surgery. Fortunately, after several laser sessions, Diesel’s owner was no longer in pain and did not need further surgery. With such personal success, Diesel’s owner wanted to invest in his long term care with Laser therapy.

During Diesel’s first treatment which involved his hip and knee joints, he was very unstable, unable to stand up for the whole treatment, and mildly vocalizing some discomfort through the treatment period of approximately 15 minutes. Diesel’s owner was informed that just like for her, it would take at least 4-6 laser treatments to start to see positive clinical results and an increase in his mobility. Diesel continued to come in for his Laser session according to his appropriate protocol and with each additional session, Diesel’s owner reported him being able to move and walk with more ease.

By Diesel’s 6th treatment, he was no longer having trouble standing up through his session and happily walking through the hospital with no hesitation. Diesel’s owner is very happy with his results and increased mobility and happiness at home. She plans on continuing to maintain his Laser booster treatments as he needs them.

If you feel as though your pet could benefit from Laser therapy as Diesel has or are interested in a consultation, please contact us at the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt.