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Conditions Treated at The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt

Comprehensive Care for Summerfield Pets

When your pet is not feeling their best, you want to ensure that they receive the best care possible. At The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, we offer a broad range of services to address a variety of illnesses and diseases that your pet may be experiencing. Our Summerfield veterinary team works hard to understand your pet’s condition before they devise a care plan that’s right for you and your pet. We provide professional care with a personal touch; we understand that no two pets are the same and will treat your pet with the respect that they deserve. As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital, you can be sure that your pet is receiving the best care available.

If your pet is feeling under the weather, give us a call at (336) 252-2208 or contact us online to make an appointment with our veterinary team today.

The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt offers comprehensive services to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Pets can’t tell us when they’re feeling unwell. Our Summerfield veterinary team can help determine what is ailing your pet and get them back on track to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Dental Problems in Pets

One of the most common health problems in cats and dogs is dental disease. It’s easy to overlook but can cause bigger health issues down the road if left untreated. If your pet is experiencing symptoms like bad breath, loose teeth, or if you’ve found blood in their saliva or water dish, give us a call right away! Your pet could be suffering from periodontal disease. With early intervention, we can help get your pet smiling again.

Pets Experiencing Loss of Appetite

Has your normally voracious pet suddenly stopped eating? It can be very distressing for pet parents who are used to their pets finishing their dinner without issue. Loss of appetite in pets can be an indicator of other issues, health-related and otherwise.

Is your pet avoiding their dinner? This could be caused by:

  • Illness - Your pet might be experiencing anything from a mild cold to something more serious like a urinary tract infection. Any number of illnesses can cause your pet to skip their next meal. Don’t wait to bring them in to see us!
  • Aging - Older pets can become less interested in food as they age; this can be because they’re less active and require less fuel for those naps in the sunshine. We can recommend specialty foods for aging pets that will keep them active and healthy during their golden years.
  • Stress - Has something in your home environment changed? Have you moved or added a new family member, human or animal? Any changes to your pet’s norm can disrupt their normal eating habits. We can help you get your pet back on their normal eating schedule.

Don’t wait for your pet to get better on their own. Call (336) 252-2208 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with us today!

Why Choose Us?

  • We Are AAHA Accredited
  • We Are Dedicated to Provide the Finest Veterinary Care
  • We Provide Full Service in One Location
  • Long Term Supporters & Providers of the Local Rescue, Red Dog Farm
Serving Your Pet's Every Need at One Convenient Location

Providing your pet with any service they may need, big or small, since 2006. We are here for you.  

Serving Your Pet's Every Need at One Convenient Location

Providing your pet with any service they may need, big or small, since 2006. We are here for you. Call us or schedule an appointment online. We are ready to help your pet feel better!

Meet Our Team

Dedicated To Your Pet's Happiness
  • Dr. Tess  Jordan Photo
    Dr. Tess Jordan

    Lead Veterinarian

    Upon entering college, Dr. Tess Jordan knew she wanted to get into the medical field and help patients, but she struggled to find her exact calling.
  • Dr. Carolyn  Hennessey Photo
    Dr. Carolyn Hennessey

    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Hennessey has been an animal enthusiast all her life.  She grew up riding and showing horses at a young age.
  • Dr. Catherine  Brown Photo
    Dr. Catherine Brown

    Associate Veterinarian

    Born and raised in Greensboro, NC, Dr. Catherine Smith knew from an early age that she wanted to have a career in veterinary medicine. This passion only continued to grow as she continued down the educational path toward this goal.
  • Dr. J. Linwood  Jernigan Photo
    Dr. J. Linwood Jernigan

    Associate Veterinarian

    Growing up in Whiteville, North Carolina, Dr. J. Linwood Jernigan’s home was within walking distance of a veterinary practice. In the seventh grade, Dr. Jernigan started working there.