Common Issues That Can Be Caught In A Wellness Exam


Common issues that can be caught in a wellness exam

Much like their human counterparts, our pets need to have regular healthcare, and a part of that care is getting a wellness exam. How often your pets need this exam is something to discuss with your veterinarian. The age of your pet and overall health will be factors that are considered. Puppies need to be seen more often in their first year and elderly dogs as well. The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in Summerfield is here for your pets and the best way to develop a relationship with your veterinarian is to bring your pets in for regular wellness exams.

Weight problems

Like people, pets can be prone to weight issues. Too many treats and too little exercise may be the culprits but some conditions could also cause these changes in weight. Regular wellness exams can get to the bottom of the issue before it becomes a serious health threat.


A fecal exam is part of most wellness exams and if your pet has become infected with parasites, they must get treatment at an animal hospital as quickly as possible. A heartworm test is recommended each year and then your pet can go on heartworm medication to keep them safe. Also, the doctor will also be on the lookout for any fleas or ticks which are affecting your pet.

Dental check

Healthy teeth are important to overall pet wellness. Much like with people, tartar can be a big issue especially with dogs who have irregular bite patterns. Your veterinarian will check your pet's teeth and if they need additional care they will make recommendations.


The veterinarian will run their hands over your dog to look for anything abnormal. Hands-on the belly can detect internal issues, and checking the rear legs and spine can identify any age-related weaknesses which are quite common. Ears will also be checked for mites, infections, and growths. By listening to the heart, they can detect any issues that may have developed.

Time to schedule an appointment?

A wellness exam is something every pet needs for long and happy life. Call The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in Summerfield to schedule one for your furry friend.