How to Tell if Your Pet Has a Respiratory Infection

How to tell if your pet has a Respiratory Infection | The Animal Hospital of Lake Brandt

The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt Discusses How to Tell if Your Pet Has a Respiratory Infection

If your pet is sneezing and coughing, it could be because of a respiratory infection. These infections are common and can be easily transmitted between animals. Your vet can determine the cause of the symptoms and provide the right medication to help. At The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in Summerfield, NC, we can diagnose your pet’s respiratory problem and provide effective treatment.

Symptoms of Respiratory Infections

Dogs show a number of symptoms when they have a respiratory infection, including watery eyes, discharge from the nose, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, and fever. Your dog may not want to play as usual or may refuse to eat.

Cats may show discharge from the eyes or nose, sneezing, labored breathing, listlessness, and poor feeding. Some cats develop ulcers in the mouth. These are signs that your pet needs to go in for an examination.

Diagnosing Respiratory Infections in Pets

Your vet will take your animal’s temperature and inspect his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The vet may also take samples of fluids from the nose and throat to examine under the microscope.

Treatment of Respiratory Infections in Pets

Once the veterinarian determines the cause of infection, treatment can begin. Medications to eliminate bacteria or relieve coughing may be prescribed. In some cases, anti-inflammatory drugs are administered.

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