Summer Survival Guide For You and Your Pet

Dog cooling down with a fan

The Animal Hospital at Summerfield, NC  Shares Summer Survival Guide For You and Your Pet

The summer is a great season to celebrate outdoors with your friends and family. While the weather is nice, the grill is hot, and the fireworks plentiful it is important to be mindful of how this day can impact your pets. Let’s take a closer look at some potential dangers for your pet in the summer.


Please remember that some human food can be toxic to pets. Foods that are high in fat content, cheeses, and desserts can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Further, remember that dogs don't understand that food coming right off the grill is hot. Protect food by keeping it high and out of reach of potential counter surfers. An animal can easily be burned by grabbing hot food off a plate.


Typically during summer, it’s really hot outside. Pay close attention to your animal to watch for any signs of distress that may be heatstroke. Dogs are not able to sweat like humans can and rely on panting to cool their bodies. Be sure to keep plenty of water within easy reach of your animals and only exercise during cooler times.

Lost Pets

With so much commotion going on with friends and family around it is easy to have your pets get loose. Please be sure that guests in your home are aware of the pets in the home and are mindful when opening and closing doors. Be sure that dogs are on their leash and watched closely. In case of an escape, make sure that all of your animals have proper identification with up to date phone numbers.

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