Your First Pet-Friendly Road Trip

Your First Pet-Friendly Road Trip

Your First Pet-Friendly Road Trip: What To Pack and How to Prepare

Windows down, music blaring- there's not much that's more relaxing than a summer road trip! Whether you're heading to the mountains or to the beach, summer travel is always more fun with your pets by your side. Follow these five tips to make sure you and your pets have an amazing time on your journey!

Tips to Prepare for Road Trips

Pack the paperwork. Be sure your pet's shot records are up to date, and bring that paperwork with you. In the rare event that your pet would have a medical emergency, it's important that the veterinarian treating them knows their history.

Two words: water bowl. It sounds so simple, but it's easy to forget! Your pet can't drink out of a water bottle as easily as you can, so it's important to bring a bowl for them so that they can get hydrated each time you stop.

Microchip information. Be sure that your pet's microchip information is up to date and that you have the microchip company's contact information on you. You probably won't need it, but it's better safe than sorry, especially when you're traveling in an unfamiliar environment.

A new chew toy. It's likely that your pet will be agitated at the beginning of your trip, and nothing stops whining faster than a brand new rawhide. Be sure to save it for the trip- the newness of the toy will distract your pet from their unfamiliar (and anxiety-producing) surroundings.

Selfie stick. It sounds silly, but if you're traveling alone, you'll still want to take plenty of pictures of you and your pet together! Packing a selfie stick can help you capture all those fun moments and gorgeous sunsets.

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Remember, no matter where you're traveling this summer, it's important that your furry friend is up to date on their shots and flea/tick/heartworm medication before you leave. Make an appointment for your pets at our Summerfield veterinarian before you leave. Give us a call at (336) 252-2208 today.