What To Do When Your Pet Is Injured


What to do when your pet is injured

Pets are family and when they get hurt we tend to panic. There are some things you can do however that will help your pets to get the care they need if they do get injured. For those that are in the Summerfield area, The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt is a fantastic veterinarian that can help your pet if they are injured.

Steps to Take if your Pet is Injured

You may think that you know your pet extremely well and that your pet is the gentlest in the world. You should never assume that the pet will not bite or scratch if injured. Pain and fear can make animals behave unexpectedly. You should not attempt to hug or bring your face too close to the pet, this may cause more pain and discomfort, not to mention leave you in a position where you could get injured as well.

You should focus on getting your injured pet into a safe and comfortable place where they are at ease. Once your pet has calmed down, you can slowly start to perform an examination. If this examination causes agitation, you should stop immediately. Call your vet or the emergency vet clinic before you arrive so they know you are coming and can be prepared. Possibly muzzle or restrain the pet so both you can the vets can reduce the chances of getting bitten or scratched by mistake.

It is always important to try to get help as quickly as possible, especially if the injury seems to be life-threatening. While transporting, try to keep the pet in a small area to reduce the risk of getting an additional injury. Pet carriers can work, as well as large boxes or containers. Keeping their medical records in a safe and easily accessible place is also important so that in the case of an emergency like this, you can bring these with you easily when you take your pet for treatment.

The best thing to do when a pet is injured is to get them to a safe place and then take them for immediate vet care so that they can get better and so that they can recover from the pain that they are suffering and the injury they have sustained.