Importance of Pet Microchipping

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What Is Pet Microchipping?

A microchip is a small device that holds vital information. Using a needle, a veterinarian or technician inserts the chip under the skin of an animal so that it can be scanned by a chip reader. Many kinds of animals in Summerfield and Greensboro have microchips, and the procedure is usually painless. When scanned, the chip contains information about the company where the animal is registered. The company provides contact information like the owner's name and phone number. The owner needs to maintain updated registration information on their pets. Otherwise, the microchip is useless. At the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, we see situations where microchips reunite families with their lost pets.

How Important Is It?

An animal microchip is not something you'll use every day. It may prove critical if your pet is lost. It may even save a life. Think of it as a spare tire. Every car carries a spare tire. You don't think about it, let alone use it. If you experience a flat tire alongside a highway, that spare becomes an essential part of your day. It solves problems and gets you back on the road to your normal life. This is what a chip can do for a lost animal.

While vets and animal shelters keep chip scanners on the premises, we recommend using a collar and tags on your pet as well. The contact information on the collar will be easy for anyone to read. Using a collar and a chip provides multiple levels of security in case something unfortunate happens.

The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt

Perhaps your pet is an escape artist. You might be planning a long-distance move. Perhaps you simply appreciate the peace of mind that a chip offers. At the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, we offer microchipping services for most animals. The procedure is quick, and the results are long-lasting. If you'd like security for your Summerfield or Greensboro pet, then contact us today at (336) 252-2208. We'd be happy to perform this service.