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The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt: Pet Cardiology

There are plenty of people who need to visit a medical specialist for treatment regarding a unique condition. Similarly, there are also specialists who work with specific areas of veterinary medicine as well. One example is pet cardiologist. Pet cardiology can play an important role in the overall health and recovery of unique and specialized conditions. The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt is proud to provide complete care to all of the animals in the Summerfield area. There are numerous reasons why someone may need to take their pet to see a veterinarian who is trained in cardiology.

A Referral to Pet Cardiology from a Primary Care Doctor

The most common reason someone may need to take their pet to see a cardiologist is that they were referred by their pet's primary doctor. When someone takes their pet to see their primary doctor, it is that doctor's job to assess whether or not that pet needs to be seen by a specialist. The doctor is going to look for several different signs and symptoms of common diseases. If appropriate, the primary doctor will issue a referral to a cardiologist.

A Pet Cardiologist can Treat an Irregular Heart Rhythm

A referral might be required if your pet has an irregular heart rhythm. It is important for the heart to beat normally to ensure that blood travels to all the places it needs to go. If the heart is not beating in a proper rhythm, this can lead to a lack of oxygen and nutrients in certain parts of the body. If not treated quickly, this could even be fatal.

Treating Diseases that can lead to Heart Failure

A pet cardiologist is also a specialist in evaluating certain diseases that can lead to heart failure. Problems with the skeleton, lungs, and muscles can also lead to heart failure. Heart failure is a serious condition that leads to blood backing up behind the heart as well as a lack of nutrition reaching the rest of the body. For this reason, it is important for any pet that has heart failure to be seen by a trained cardiologist.

Treatment from a Trained Pet Cardiologist

Anyone who has been referred to a pet cardiologist should call The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in the Summerfield area today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialized veterinarians. We are always proud to serve those who need assistance in any area of specialized pet care. Please reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you and your furry friend.