Dog Skin Problems


Dog Skin Problems

Skin problems can make life miserable for your pooch, and when your pooch suffers, so do you. Dog skin problems can range from dry, flaky skin to open sores and skin infections. If your pet is suffering from skin problems, schedule a checkup with your vet. Our veterinarian in Summerfield can diagnose your pup’s condition and recommend options for treatment. Our staff at The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in Summerfield can help restore your pet to optimal health.

What Kind of Skin Problems Can Afflict Your Pup?

Itchy Skin

Itchiness is an extremely common skin problem for dogs. Your dog’s skin may itch due to tick or flea infestation or allergies. Itching can cause nonstop scratching, which increases your pup’s risk of developing skin infections or open sores. If you notice your pup scratching more than normal, check him for fleas. Then schedule an appointment with our Summerfield vet.

Rashes and Irritations

Allergies can cause skin rashes and irritations on your dog’s skin as well. Your pet may be allergic to substances in his environment, flea saliva, or certain proteins in his food. Pet allergies can trigger such reactions as itchy skin, red, bumpy skin, or dermatitis.

If your pet has flea allergies, getting rid of the fleas will eliminate his symptoms. We can test your pet for environmental allergies to determine the allergens that are triggering his symptoms so you can avoid them. For food allergies, we recommend your pet go on an elimination diet to pinpoint which foods are causing his reactions so you can remove them from his diet.

Fur Loss

The cause of fur loss can be challenging to diagnose in a dog. Fur loss could be caused by Demodex mites, thyroid disease, Cushing’s disease, or some other health condition. Excessive scratching can also lead to fur loss. Your vet will conduct skin and blood tests, if necessary, to uncover the cause of fur loss and help restore your pet’s health.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Summerfield for Dog Skin Problems

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