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The Animal Hospital At Lake Brandt Answers Emergency Care FAQ


Any pet can have an emergency veterinary situation when illnesses suddenly arise, or an accident occurs. At these times, it is important to remain calm and seek out professional veterinary care for immediate treatment. At The Animal Hospital At Lake Brandt in Summerfield, NC, we can help when emergency treatment and pet surgery is needed.

If you're searching for after-hour needs we refer to Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital. You can reach them by calling 336-288-2688.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about emergency care:

What Constitutes A Pet Emergency Situation?

Any wound that has severe bleeding is an emergency. Similarly, if your pet is bleeding from an orifice, has severe coughing, trouble breathing or seems disoriented or lethargic, you should seek immediate veterinary care. Seizures, unconsciousness or problems with mobility should have immediate care. Any injury to the eyes should be seen quickly. Unusual urination, diarrhea, or inability to go, may require emergency care. Broken bones, possible poisoning or heatstroke require immediate treatment.

Do I Need An Appointment For Emergency Care?

No, you do not need an appointment for a veterinary emergency. However, you should call ahead to alert us, so we can clear the schedule to provide proper time and attention to treat your pet.

What Happens When I Bring In My Pet For Emergency Treatment?

Your pet will be brought to an examination area. The vet may order x-rays, ultrasound or blood tests to diagnose the problem. Although some issues are obvious, such as a broken bone or open wound, others may be hidden. Testing helps to reveal what is going on inside the body. Once the vet understands the problem, immediate treatment can begin. Your pet may be kept overnight at the vet for observation or ongoing treatment. Only when the animal has been stabilized will you be able to take him or her home.

Will I Be Able To Stay With My Pet During Treatment?

You may not be able to be with your pet during every minute of treatment, but you will be given opportunities to visit with your pet. And you will also be informed of all treatments being administered. The vet will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Make The Animal Hospital At Lake Brandt Your Veterinarian For Emergency Care

The veterinarians and team members at The Animal Hospital At Lake Brandt are dedicated to providing quality care for each of our patients in Summerfield, NC, and surrounding communities. We offer many services for pets, including wellness care, preventative care, surgery, dental care, dermatology, orthopedic care, and laser therapy.

You can also call on us for urgent care or emergency care during our office hours. Contact The Animal Hospital At Lake Brandt today at (336) 252-2208 when you need an emergency veterinarian for fast, experienced veterinary care.

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