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Spay & Neuter FAQs

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pet owner is whether to spay or neuter your kit or pup. If you’re on the fence concerning spay & neuter procedures, talk to your Summerfield veterinarian. The following FAQs compiled by The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt provide greater detail into the benefits of spaying or neutering a dog or cat.


Why Should I “FIX” My Pet?

Spay & neuter procedures help prevent unwanted pregnancies and litters. They also eliminate the risk of certain pet diseases, enabling your pet to live a longer, happier life.

Surely, my one pet having babies won’t make that much difference, will it?

Every year, thousands of homeless pets face euthanasia due to not finding people to adopt them. Your pet’s litter only adds to the overpopulation of animals in most cities. Once your pet’s litter grows up, they may have litters of their own, further contributing to the problem. Spay & neuter procedures can help offset this cycle and save lives in the process.

What are the health benefits of spaying or neutering my pet?

Spaying your female pet reduces her risk of getting breast cancer and totally eliminates the risk of uterine infections. Neutering your male pet reduces his risk of getting prostate cancer and eliminates the risk of getting testicular cancer.

Spay & neuter procedures also help control undesirable behaviors in your dog or cat, especially during mating season. Your female won’t cry or yowl and your male won’t have that strong desire to roam in search of a mate. Neutering your male pet can also make him less aggressive. You may find it easier to bond with your pet as they’ll have less urge to mate, making them more attentive to you.

Are spay & neuter procedures safe?

Spay/neuter procedures are common surgeries performed by most veterinarians today. Although no surgery is totally risk-free, complications from spay & neuter procedures are quite low. Your Summerfield veterinarian will examine your kit or pup before performing the surgery to make sure he has no health issues that could hinder his recovery. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and your pet will be given medications afterward to reduce pain. We suggest pets be kept calm and still for several days following the procedure to expedite healing.

When’s the best time to spay or neuter my pet?

Your Summerfield veterinarian can advise you on when to spay or neuter your pet, taking into consideration his age, breed and physical health.

To schedule a consultation for spaying or neutering your kit or pup, contact The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt in Summerfield at (336) 252-2208.

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