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Microchipping FAQs

Microchips arose around 50 years ago but they certainly weren’t used in pets at the time. Over the years, it has become standard practice for veterinarians to implant microchips in pets. At The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, serving Summerfield, NC, and the general vicinity, our vet offers the option of microchipping your pet and we would like to educate you about the process with some of the common questions we run into about the subject.

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What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small device, about the size of a grain of rice, inserted into your pet, usually in between his or her shoulders. It consists of an electronic chip protected by a glass coating. In order to activate the chip, a scanner must pass over it. The scanner emits radio waves that activate the chip. The only piece of information stored on the chip is an identification number that's associated with the manufacturer and your pet.

What Can I Expect During the Microchipping Process?

The implantation process is quite simple. You bring your pet in, and our vet uses a needle to insert the microchip. The hypodermic needle used to implant the chip is a tad bit larger than the ones we use for injections. The procedure doesn't require anesthesia, although you may inquire about a sedative if you feel like your pet may not cooperate. You may also want to get your pet microchipped during his or her spay or neuter or another surgical procedure, so your pet doesn't feel the injection.

Does It Hurt My Pet?

Since the procedure isn't surgical, your pet shouldn't have that much pain. Any discomfort your pet has is the same as if he or she were receiving a vaccination. After the procedure, your pet shouldn't have any issues. However, some pets do experience swelling or other mild symptoms at the implant site.

Can My Information Get Into the Wrong Hands?

Part of the process of getting your pet microchipped is inputting information about your pet into the national registry. That information can then only be accessed after scanning your pet and referencing that number in the national database. The information you choose to include in the database is secure and can be used to reunite you with your pet should he or she get lost.

Microchipping For Pets in Summerfield

Schedule an appointment with our veterinarian to get your pet microchipped. You are much more likely to be reunited with your pet if you are separated and he or she is brought in to a shelter or some other veterinary care facility.

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